Joanna Soft Poncho

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Super soft poncho in 100% rayon wool. 
Fits size small - XL woman (L man) 

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Joanna Soft Poncho 

Is a super soft poncho in 100% rayon wool - in a super cute bright pattern in light brown and sand colors. 

Handmade in India, out of amazing vibrant and super soft rayon wool. 

Really comfortable to wear. - Has bohemian, hippie and hipster vibes all mixed together in one perfect poncho. 


Joanna is handmade on a small factory in Rushkar. Lisa has previously been visiting, to assure that the work conditions live up to our expectations and demands. In 2019 we are planning to start visiting together. 


Onesize and unisex.  

Will fit from size small - XL woman (L man) 

Handwash to protect it and extend it's life spand. 


'Thank you for the images to model: @Pakoonta and photographer: @Kristenmcnevins 

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