Sofia Big Soft Colorful Scarf

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Amazingly soft indian scarf 

Made of 100% rayon wool - vegan friendly. 

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Sofia - Big Soft Colorful Scarf

Our Sofia scarves are amazingly vibrant in a beautiful blue color with burned details in it's paisley pattern. 

It's super soft, big and warm, which means that it's not only a scarf, but can also be used as a blanket for winter. 

It's 100% rayon wool - which means that it's vegan friendly. 


The Sofia scarf is handmade on a small factory in Pushkar in India. On the factory the staff consist of 5 grown up men. Lisa from the Wonderlocks team have visited a few times, to assure that the work conditions live up to our expectations and demands. We keep a close contact to the factory. 

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