About us

Behind Wonderlocks.shop stands the two women, Elise and Lisa. 

Back in 2015 Elise Buch got the idea to create a community for Dreadheads, a place where everyone who was interested in the wonderful locks could get together and share their passion. When naming the community it was very important to her to find a new word for dreadlocks, that didn’t include “dreadful”. 


She wanted the space to be a place where the locks got a fresh new beginning, without having to draw lines back to a history where some found them to be “dreadful” and therefore ended up calling them exactly that. A new positive word, that had focus on how wonderful a hairstyle “dreadlocks” really is. 

The main focus on the Instagram (@Wonderlocks) was positivity and the support of each other. Elise wanted to create a space with high quality photos of dreadheads, that would make the feed give an impression of a magazine. This would support the important goal, to show undreaded people that came by the page, how cool “dreadlocks” actually are.

After three years with an Instagram page and a closed group on Facebook for chatting and sharing knowledge about locks, new ideas sprung,


Elise and Lisa who had connected through the same community got to share their mutual visions, and the idea for a webshop came into play.


With a wish to add a webshop where the community could find the best dreadlocks products and tools. But not only that, we had the dream to add eco friendly products too, beautiful jewellery, pretty beads and groovy clothes. Wonderlocks is not just a hairstyle, it’s a lifestyle and therefore it seemed just right that the webshop should contain a world of beautiful and inspiring things.

Lisa who is the creator of the organic product line for dreadlocks Raw Root, has more than 15  years experice with dreadlocks and hair dressing. Furthermore she have been running several webshops with clothing, hair and dreadlock products. Lisa has traveled the world for many years and during the travels she has created great connection with various suppliers around the world.

 We are happy to introduce the unique collection of clothing, jewelry and accessories you will find in the webshop. 

Together we wil try to make the community even stronger: "We aim for the Wonderlocks community to spread all over the world, and to meet up once a year for a day full of fun activities and sharing knowledge about the locks we all love“.

… If you shop at Wonderlocks, and you’d like to shoot an awesome picture of you with the products, then feel free to share it with the community on Instagram: by tagging @Wonderlocks and using the community hashtag #Wonderlocks for a chance to get reposted…